New Season, New Projects

A new season means a time for new projects. I was able to take it easy this summer with lots of long dog walks and a lot of pleasure reading but now it is time to refocus. While the search continues on for a full-time librarian gig, I am lucky enough to have part-time work for the moment. With graduate school complete this also means I have no reason not to use some of this extra time to work at getting back to being a maker.

The fall means a new season and a new academic year which to me has always felt like a fresh start. The endless possibilities are practically palpable and I make more resolutions at this time than I ever do for the actual new year. However, the fall is also a busy time and it is easy for my new resolutions to quickly slip to the wayside. I don’t think anyone will be looking at this space any time soon but my hope is that the idea that they could will provide just enough accountability to help me keep working.


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