New New Season

So that last post came right before the holiday rush. I don’t know why but I am always super convinced that in the most hectic season of the year I will be able to change all my habits and get extra productive. While I had a great holiday season and visited many friends and family, I did not get a lot of projects done. Surprise, Surprise!! But the great thing about life is there is a new day and a new chance every tomorrow. I am happy to report that in terms of making things 2011 is proving to be a good year so far. I am not having as much luck with my job search but using the extra time to use my hands is a great way for me to cope with the frustrations and stress of the looking for work process.

For the last month and a half my focus has been on actually doing things and now that I am building some momentum I suppose I have decided that I can turn to recording these things via image and writing. Like many I have mixed feelings about blogging and wonder what I could possibly be contributing to the wide world by putting this out there. I don’t have an answer for that but I am trying to figure out a set of goals and motivations I can use to gauge my “success” in this endeavor. Number 1 is probably just posting when I say I am going to start posting! (small victories, right?) Beyond that simple and necessary step is a hope to simply to track my progress.  Lent season is around the calendar corner and for the last few years part of my family has tried to take this time to participate collectively in a Make-A-Day project. The idea being that rather than deny ourselves something during the season we will strive for awareness, connections, and improvement by attempting to engage in mindful creative acts. Like most we are all over committed and despite our best intentions we rarely make it to the end of the race. Whatever shape our participation takes from year to year it always feels worthwhile. I really want this year to be my turn to make it all the way through.

Consider this my warm up stretches.


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